Thursday, February 02, 2012

1 Kali turun! itupun dipaksa!

Malangnya Penduduk Seputeh dapat YB Teresakok.

Semenjak Teresak Kok menjadi YB, sememangnya penduduk Seputeh tida mendapat faedah apa pun daripada beliau.

Yang beliau tahu mencari publisiti murahan dan mencari isu kontravasi yang menunjukkan beliau memperjuangkan orang Cina.

Saya tidak percaya Orang Cina mahu menyokong perjuangan yang bermuka-muka, orang Cina sekarang sudah bijak memilih di mana satu Kaca di mana satu berlian, dan orang Cina lebih peka hari ini untuk menolak politik Glomor Teresa Kok.

Teresa Kok sudah tahu beliau sudah ditolak oleh Penduduk Seputeh dan sedang meninjau-ninjau meninggalkan Seputeh.

Orang Cina Seputeh jangan di tipu oleh DAP lagi.. Orang Seputeh sepatutnya dapat perhatian yang lebih baik dan kebajikan yang lebih elok daripada DAP yang tidak menjaga kebajikan ...

Ikut Cerita Teresak Kok hanya 1 kali turun padang dalam masa 2 tahun ... itupun kene paksa!

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She's Holds 7 Positions But Where Is She?

Now, lets read this article ya.

I have just finished reading an article in Malaysia Today titled Wonder woman now ‘YB Press’I was actually quite surprised to find out that my own Member of Parliament (MP) Teresa Kok is now being criticized by her own party. This person in 2008 was the darling of DAP when she won her Seputeh parliamentary seat with a majority of 36, 492 votes. In summary, Teresa Kok also holds seven (7) positions in the Federal and State Government which are:
  1. Member of Parliament for Seputeh (with allowance and salary)
  2. Kinrara Assembly woman (with allowance and salary)
  3. Selangor Senior executive Councillor (with allowance and salary)
  4. Director of PKNS  (with allowance and salary)
  5. Selangor DAP Chief
  6. National DAP organizing secretary
  7. Wanita DAP national secretary

That is quite an achievement for an MP but i actually don't care how many position or portfolio that you hold, what i care is that that this MP has been missing from Teratak Muhibah and Taman Salak Jaya since the 2008 general election. This two (2) area consist of about 20,000 people and Teresa Kok has never once visited this places.

I live in Taman Danau Desa which is next to Teratak Muhibah, and when the storm hit us last week, this MP was NO WHERE to be seen. She did not visit the Malay warung's opposite the PLUS tower nor the flat residents in teratak muhibah. However, she made it a point to visit a Chinese food court which was was damaged during the storm. The picture of the Chinese food court is as below and make your own assumptions. 

Food court  yang hancur dipukul ribut, kesian~

Maybe she should resign from her many positions and start concentrating on the Rakyat in her constituency. I know the Malay's did not vote you in the last election, but if this is payback then thank you very much. We know what to expect when PR comes to power. 

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